7 July 2012

Summer Holiday Must Haves ( beauty)

If your luckily enough to be going abroad you will need a
few holiday essentials so i have been browsing the Internet and shops for must haves you will need when going on holiday.

The first product i found was a spray that you put on your hair and protects
your hair from the sun so your hair doesn't get dry or damaged in the sun.
Its not just our skin that needs protecting!

Dry shampoo is a holiday must have when you've got so much to do and
see you wont have enough time to think about washing your hair
so if your hair is feeling a bit lifeless just spray some of this on your
hair and get back to exploring your holiday destination.

We all have them bits and pieces that get a bit like
a jungle so we have to keep our jungles under control before we go on holiday
you don't wont to be going up the beach in your bikini and meet some hot
guys that come across your jungle.
So get this Nads bikini wax that comes in fun shapes so there might
be some pleasure in doing your bikini wax but i cant see that being possible.

In case when your travelling you get a bit stinky you can just pop these deodorant wipes
in your bag and keep smelling fresh.

Our skin can get a bit dry when being in the sun so this is an all body
 moisturiser that comes in a few favours.

Bing in the sun we want to look good but no have our faces plastered in make up
so a BB cream would be ideal. It moisturises your face while protecting you from the sun.
Smiles all around

Travelling can be a dirty business from no soap in toilets or just touching
germ invested seats and aeroplanes so this hand gel can be really handy to keep

you can print an holiday checklist Here

prices and links

CW Takeaways Sunshine UV Styling Spray 50ml £1.99

dry shampoo £1.45

Nads Brazilian and bikini wax £9.99

Halo Travel Deodorant Wipes x 10 £0.99

I Love... Lemons & Limes Moisturising Body Lotion £2.05

bb cream spf30 £7.99

Carex Hand Gel Sensitive 50ML £1.39

*all prices are from superdrug



  1. Have you ever tried the bikini wax strips?
    I'm tempted but scared!


  2. no i couldnt bring myself
    i would probley be in pain for days

  3. BB cream and hand sanitizer would be my holiday essentials! i really like the maybeline BB cream, it's my favourite at the moment. x


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