13 July 2012

Something new

( picture Google)

Every girl changes their mind every so often and after looking at this blog i don't
think its got alot of fashion and doesn't present all of me so from now on i will be having photos of me showing you my clothes. After feeling sorry for myself for a while not having any clothes and not being able to afford it so i had a clear out and found some things that i forgot i even had. I will not lie i do have quite a weird style it will change from time to time based on my moods. Hopefully everyone will like it. If your a follower don't start to panic my blog is not  changing i will still have reviews and everything i still have on my blog, but i will just be having a bit more style so i hope everyone likes it. I also cant promise that i will have one every day probably once a week but I'll see how things go.


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