9 July 2012

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Today I'm going to do an easy smokey eye tutorial
anyone can do this even if you don't have all the fancy equipment.
so here it is I'm open to any ideas you would like me to do.

 1.First of all use number 1 eyeshadow from the MUA heaven and Earth palette( i named in above picture) and put it on a clean brush and apply it on your tear duct and lower lash line.

2. Then take the darkest colour in the palette numbered 2 on my diagram
and put it on your lower lash line

3. Take the same eyeshadow and wet the brush apply this on your lower
eye nearest the upper eyelashes then quickly look up and it should make a mark
this is where your next eye shadow will go.

4. Now take number 3 in the palette and put it over your eyes and stop
where the previous eyeshadow mark was made
then blend with either a blend brush or just your fingers.
Then put some of the eyeshadow on the lower lash line.

It should then look like this.
On the brow bone just add some of the number one eyeshadow.

5. To finish it of just add some eyeliner
this is optional.
Here is some of the final pictures of the smokey eyes!
You can then add some juicy lipstick.

Do you have any tutorials that
you use?

All products i used were MUA
you can get these in superdrug or their official website.



  1. Looks lovely! :)
    Great tutorial hun!

  2. This is a really nice look!
    Love your freckles :)
    Also loving the new look of your blog, very nice :)

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