4 July 2012

My Wonderful World Of Fashion review

Last Wednesday i was at a museum and i had to go into
the shop and i saw loads of fashion books so i headed over and started
flicking through them when i came across these amazing illustrations
i had to buy it but  I only  had a tenner and it was £12.95 i was so mad.
But when i got home i thought it was properly for the better because i
looked the book up on amazon and was £9.06 not too much off but a bit.
I love this book because the projects are really good to do and its
sort of like an more sophisticated colouring book. Its great if your board
or cant draw that well.
Its pretty thick so it will keep you busy
you can also get postcards and another version of the book which i hoped to purchase.
Here are some of my favourite pictures in the book.
This book was drawn by Nina Chakrabarti
she grew up in India and now lives in London where she went to college.
This book should be purchased and it can be for children or adults that's
the best thing about it.
What do you think of my new borders of my pictures.?


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