18 July 2012

My ( gulity ) nail Polish review

                  The problem with me is that every time i go out i have to buy a new nail polish.
Its such a habit but when i tell myself I'm not going to buy a nail polish that's exactly what i do .
But can you blame me look at this colour its so bright and when you look at it you do feel happier.

When i first saw this colour in the drugstore i knew that i  needed it even after promising myself
that i needed to start saving money and stop buying things that i didn't really need but
everything about it wanted me to get it. First it was cheaper than most nail polishes at £1.79 so that
attracted me even more so  i got out the purse and purchased it when i started feeling bad after i kept telling myself its for my blog its fine. I first put the nail polish on when i got home that day i purchased it, it was such a striking bright colour and i instantly feel in love with it. I put my base coat on first then i applied the nail varnish with care not wanted to chip or smudge the nail polish. They dried pretty quick but on the bottle it did say that was one of the nail polishes factors.

The nail polish itself went on smooth and without bother and dried with a shiny coat so there was no need for a top coat i only need to apply two coats of the nail polish. A few days later my nail polish started to peel and when i say peel i don't mean gradually coming of it literally  came of  in sheets so i could just peel of  all the nail polish on my nails even though i found this quite amusing peeling it off nail polish shouldn't really do this i don't know if  i put too much nail polish on or that its just the way it is.
But it definitely wont put me of wearing this bright colour and we need to remember that it was only £ 1.79! ( I'm know making excuses for nail polish )



  1. Ooooh very pretty colour! :)


  2. I love yellow nail polish! This is a particularly lovely shade!

    I found you on the BBU blog hop!



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