10 July 2012

My Collection 2000 Nail polishes Collection

The title is a bit confusing but this post is basically my collection of nail polishes
of a particular brand. Today as usual i rummage through other
peoples blogs looking at their blogs wondering if their is anything i
could do and i found a few blog posts on people doing their nail
collections its properly really old but I'm still only new to blogging so
i wouldn't have been part of the blogging network when this was properly the trend
but here it is anyway.

There's my collection its not that much but I've got one
for each of my finger nails my favourite one is the blue its so bright
and makes your day feel so much brighter.
The nude colour is perfect for work or school because from a distance no one
would see it but it gives you a nice nude colour.
All these nail polishes have a really good coverage and you don't have to spend ages
applying  new coats. They are also a bargain at  £1.79 for all the hot looks nail polishes.
Defiantly worth the purchase.
(I hope that post didn't Bore you too much)

you can get these nail polishes at Superdrug or their
offical website collection cosmetics



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