28 July 2012

My brace experience

Sorry everyone for being away for a while but i am officially back.
I thought that i start with my brace experience on Thursday i finally got my braces off and i thought i would talk about my experience because i would of loved this information before i entailed getting the treatment. Just before i start everyones experience is different and this is just my opinion.

Getting braces on

Before i got my braces on i had to go for a assessment and a x-ray i was then called back a couple of weeks later to get my braces fitted . My teeth had to be dried so there was no Silva on my teeth then some blue glue had to go on each tooth and the brackets were applied followed by a wire. The procedure was not at all painful it was a few hours later that my teeth ache for about a week i couldn't eat anything.

Eight week check up

Every eight weeks i had to go and get my braces tightened this meant that the wire got thicker
as the wire got thicker my teeth would hurt more after for about two days.Near the end of my treatment i had to wear elastic bands on my teeth i don't really know what they were for.

Getting my braces off

My dentists took the whole brace off in one it was a bit uncomfortable but not too bad.
He then had to take the glue off my teeth which was quite uncomfortable.
I then had to get moulds done for my retainer. I  came back to the dentist after getting my retainers and he fitted them and told me all the do's and dont's and i was free to go.
I still have to go back every three months and i have to wear my retainers 24hours for three months then after that only at night time.

I hope this helps anyone who is wanting to get braces
but you have to be comminted.


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  1. I had braces when I was younger but my teeth moved back slightly afterwards as I didnt wear the retainer properly. I really want those 'invisable' braces but they are really expensive xx


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