2 July 2012

A more serious post

Who doesnt love shoes but when it becomes a more serious matter
it can be hard to even get a pair of shoes that are comfortable.
My feet have no arches so they get tired really easy  they dont really look
any different i never even knew someone could get such thing.
It was about a year ago and i had corns ( i know not at all nice)
my mum said that i shouldnt have them seen to as i was young.
So my mum booked me a appointment with a woman who removed
corns thats when she diagnosed me. The scary thing is that 2 out of three people have no arch!

The problem is that people dont know enough about this problem if your
reading this and have the same problem you will know that getting shoes
is really hard because you have to wear an insole which pushes your foot
up so your foot doesnt sit propely in the shoe.
The problem is that even shoe shops arent aware of this there is no real FASIONABLE
shoe that caterers for people that have no arch and the fact is its not as if
people dont have this problem its probley because they havent been diagnosed.

I did find a pair of trainners that are really good if you have this problem they
arent that fashionable but really comfy i bought them on ebay for 50 something pounds thay are called
Asics 2160.If you have this problem there definitely worth the purchase.

If your reading this i would love you to do a post on your blog
because we have to make people aware of this.

Just send me a link if you do a post.


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