11 July 2012

Look What I Bought #2

Today i headed out and bought some things maybe more than i can
afford. I didn't have enough money for clothes *sad face* but i got
some beauty products i will review them all soon.

As usual i always manage to buy more nail polish even though i
don't really need it but i just cant avoid it.
Today i got a NYC nail polish in Lexington Yellow and was only £1.79
which i think is pretty cheap for nail polish and its such a lovely bright colour.

I love glitter who doesn't and it can be quite messy trying to apply glitter on your nails
but this is so easy,cant wait to get using it. Their is more colours available but
i thought this would go with the yellow nail polish really well.
That was £2.99.

This i saw in a boots ages ago and it was quite expensive so i had a little jump for joy
when i saw this free in Elle magazine and next month there is Jemma Kidd eyeliner *so excited*
It wont cover my legs and arms both but it will give me a taster of what its like.
 I wanted to buy a general moisturiser with not too much of a smell and this is
perfect and not too pricey at £3.49

I've heard alot about this foundation and also after watching
Tayna Burr's Videos it looked so natural and fresh so
i had to buy it.
The price was £8.99
and i bought Ivory

I just came across these brushes by chance and wanted it because
it was so soft i don't think i was worried about how good it was i
just wanted to rub it on my face and it was
£4.99 but it was on sale
*your also doing thing for the environment*.

So that's what i bought today i will be reviewing some of these in the near future
so watch out.



  1. Oooh nice haul! :) I'd love to see how the Barry M glitter looks on :)


  2. Thank you for following me, I'm following you now :)! I use this foundation and I love it!

    Vicky xo



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