13 July 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award


1. Thank the person that nominated you and link to their blog.
Thank you to Hayley writer of http://makeupmoviesandmore.blogspot.co.uk/
she has been really supportive throughout my blogging experience and i
love reading her blog and really appreciate her nominating me and telling me how much she enjoys
my blog so everyone go and follow her blog.
2. Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?
Well i had heard alot about blogs in the media and it was really bugging
me because i didn't know what it was go i googled it and found this
site after looking at other peoples blogs i thought that this is something i want to do.
I love reading comments and i get such a trill writing posts and giving my opinion
and it keeps me from being bored.
3. Describe a usual day in your life.
My life is really boring but i usually drag myself from my bed
go to school come home and then do homework, check my blog do a new post and
look on top shop and asos then go to bed. ( told you it was boring )
4. The best collaboration with a blogger.
I've have been lucky enough to have done a few collaboration
but  i couldn't choose one not yet.
5. The worst collaboration with a blogger.
Haven't hada bad one yet!
6. Describe what having a blog means to you.
A place where you can share you're views and
escape from normal life and just have fun plus meeting new people.
7. Nominate 5 other bloggers.

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  1. aww thanks hun:)



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