28 June 2012

Topshop Make Up

Topshop make up

Liner £8.00 / Face wipes £2.50 / Lips in Pillow Talk £8.00 / Eye palette £ 12.00 /
Nails in Eclipse £ 6.00 / Nail art pen in gold £ 6.50 / Brushes £26.00 /

Topshop is renowed for their hippy style clothes but they know have a make up range.
What can i say about these i would nearly just buy them for their packaging.
The packaging are like a written design that has just been drawing on.


Topshop have quite a big range of nail polishes in so many lovely colours
i can't actually name one colour i dont like. They also have nail art pens to
customise your nails further.
The prices are a bit pricey at £6.00 for the nail polish and
£6.50 for the nail art pen.


The eye liner looks so smooth and shiny and the bottle is pure cuteness.
They also have the traditional eye liner pencil but
i think the liquid liner is for me.
The price is quite resonable at £8.00

Eye Palettes

There is not to many eye palettes in the
Topshop range but i dont think that its their most strong point.
They also have eye crayons and a roller eye shadow.
This smokey eye palette comes in at £12.00 so not to
bad for price but i think i would still go for mac.


These have to be my favourtie product in the Topshop range.
They have so many colours and they are such good quality
and i think the price is brillant at £6.00


They have  brush sets and individual brushes as well.
I haven't tried them but they look lovely.
The only care product i am aware of is it's  face wipes which
i think are also the cheapest at £2.50

I would love to know your experience with the Topshop make up range.

Check out the make up range Here


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