22 June 2012

Shopping Haul

Today i went shopping because there was a sale in
my two favourite shops urban outfitters and topshop.
I first went to urban outfitters and i was so disappointed there was hardly anything i liked apart
from one pair of jeans but i had enough of jeans.
So i went on to topshop which i nearly knew i would get something.
It took me a while to root through all the clothes and i ended
up with 2 sale items and 1 item that wasn't in the sale.
Would love to know what everyone else got in the sale.

I got a checkered top
its really comfortable and you could wear it
all day.

I got MOTO bright blue jeans
because most of my jeans are boring


Been wanted one of of these for ages
just for every day.
Theres loads of colours but i choose
a navy one because it goes with everything.

 Jersey -£22

 top was £29
now £15

 Jeans was - £38
now- £20



  1. The jeans are a gorgeous colour!! I wish I could pull them off lol.

    Great blog, enjoyed reading your posts so far, I'm following you.

    Could you check out my blog and maybe follow me back? Thank you!

    Laura xx


  2. thank you im sure you could pull them off i 'll follow your blog


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