7 June 2012

The nail artists serect revealed

Have you ever wondered how people can get amazing nail art
and no matter how you try you just mess it up and you eventually
just turn to the easy straight laced manicure.
Well i have found out how nail artists do it.
Today i bought a Rio nail art set in Argos because recently
i have become a fan of everything nail art so i invested in this set.
The set isn't cheap at £25.49 ( but i felt the need to buy it) but in
saying that you do get value for your money. This is what
you will receive in your pack:
8 traditional colours
paint brush
pictures of nail art

The nail polish is very well designed. It comes with a small fine brush
and a pen at the top for very fine detail.

Applying the polish

I didn't use this nail polish as the base coat even though it told
you that you could i felt the nail polish
would be done very quickly so i bought
a separate bottle of nail polish.
I will ammit you wont get a nail artists result start away
but after practise I'm sure you will.
It really helps that there is two sizes of  brushes
so you can do fine detail.
I was actually really surprised at the quality of the
nail polish usually when you get a nail art package they focus more
on the quality of the way the nail art is applied ( that is important )
but the nail polish is as good quality as my most trusted
nail polish.
So thumbs up all round !


www.argos.co.uk- £25.49

or check their offical store for more suppilers



  1. This looks like a really cool idea. I love the little suit/bow tie one. So cute :)

  2. thank you and really easy to do

  3. Nail Art has been a great tract to tread on.By seeing such scenic nail designs , there is no doubt that nail artists in Delhi India would not think twice to match the same standards of nail artwork.Moreover, one should also take care of thier nails when they tend to visit any nail parlor, be it in Delhi or elsewhere..


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