11 June 2012

My Topshop favs This Month

my topshop favs this month

1. Pearl collar shell top- cream £35.00 / 2. Sleeveless Check shirt-red £26.00 /  3. MOTO Tapestry Yoke  Denim-mid stone £38.00 /  4. Ice Cream Print shorts-pink £30.00 / 5. Sleeveless Crochet collar top-cream £32.00/ 6. Sparkle Collar Denim Crop Shirt-Bleach Stone £32.00 / 7.  Premium Chevron Bead Vest-pink £42.00 /   

As usual i don't have any money and this is usually the time i see everything i want.
So i like to torture myself and go onto Topshop and look at the lovely very expensive clothes.
Here are seven of the things i found and want seeing as my bank balance is  £0.00 i will be saving
forever to get these seven items.

I would  like to know what your favourite item is here
and do you know any places that do cheap Topshop clothes.


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  1. Loving the ice cream shorts!
    I've tagged you for an award!
    take a look...


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