4 June 2012

My pro nail paint

Today i was so board and had just got a
new nail polish and wanted to try it out but

when it came to doing nails i wasn't the best.

So i looked up on you tube " how to paint your nails

like a pro". The video i watched showed you how to paint and file your nails.

I wasn't expecting it to work but it did, i filed them really

nice and i didn't get any nail polish on my skin.

I'm so chuffed now I'm going about asking everyone would

they like their nails painted.



  1. Did you get this colour with Marie Claire? I went for the hot pink but after seeing these wish I'd got this colour instead! Great Blog, i'm a new follower! :)


  2. thanks i've followed your blog hope you enjoy it
    yes i did get it in the marie claire magazine but when i went to buy it there was only this colour so i had no choice

  3. thats a lovely color Sinead... would you like to link up???

    chek ~ http://www.lipglossaffairs.blogspot.in/2012/06/link-it-up-llp-3.html

  4. I love this colour and haven't stopped wearing it since I got it!
    Hannah x confessioncloset.blogspot.com


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