2 June 2012

My attempt at nail art

(Sorry to any feet haters but it was the only place i could do it.)
So today i decided to do some nail art because i was itching to try out my
new nail polish ciate.I got it inside a magazine and was
actually surprised how good it was. I loving the fondant colours right know from
the jeans,tops and nail polish.
It was hard taken the photos because the tinfoil reflects so
you cant really see the true portrait of the nail art.
I firstly painted my big toe in the purple sherbet and then paited the rest
with the Barry m blue.
The most crucial part of this process is to
make sure that the nail polish is defiantly set or it will just muck it up.
When you think the nail polish is set cut a strip of tin foil and
paint the not so shiny side with clear nail polish and set it on the top of your
nail like a french manicure wait for it to dry then file of the excess.
That's it and id say you'll get loads of comments on  how you did it.

Just a reminder if you have any cool nail art you would like featured on my blog
just go on the page your nail feature and email me , would love some to share.


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