29 June 2012

Look what i bought

Recently i found this make up brand MUA.
I was just going through all their prouducts and took a fancy to some of them
and as you do you find out what price they are and i think my eyeballs
nearly poped out of my head when i saw the price tag *in a good way*
I thought the sales assiant had put the wrong price tag on it
but it was true this new make up brand was infact a pound for every single product
apart from the eye palettes which are £4.00.
For me these prices could be very dangerous because if they are so cheap
i could end up buying too much.

But i kept myself under control and just bought four products

Lipstick in shade 15
mascara in shade 5
Liquid eyeliner in shade 5
Eye palette in heaven and earth

I will not yet review the products in full detail but here are a few points.
I will rate each product out of ten

lipstick  4/10
mascara 7/10
liquid eyeliner 6/10
eye palette 8/10

The lipstick didnt at all smell nice
it became  quickly disshaped and started to get clumpy
but the colour is lovely.

The Mascara is just a general mascara
nothing really else to say about it.

The liquid eyeliner was very messy but
cope able.

The eye palette was my favourite i cant really fault it.

My overall opinion was the make up was just ok but done the job.
I know now  that
 the quote "you pay for what you get"
is defiantly true!

What is your opinion of the MUA make up range.

* Note the make up is exclusive to Superdrug
and their own Online store.




  1. I love MUA, their eyeshadows are great!
    I nominated you for the leibster blog award:) Go to my blog for more info!
    I really hope you do it and I can't wait to see your version <3

  2. I love the MUA palettes. I also quite like their lipsticks. I found you through Minika's blog hop and am now following

  3. I haven't tried MUA, but I hear that it is amazing quality.. :)

    PLease check out my new blog:



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