21 June 2012

Liebster Award Tag

So i have been tagged to do this by
Georgiabeee thank you so much.
This is my first tag and I'm very excited!

I have to write 11 interesting things about myself
answer the 11 that i have been tagged to answer.
I then have to make up 11 questions for other people
and last i have to tag other bloggers, then go and tell the bloggers
who i have tagged

You aren't allowed to tag back !

11 Interesting Things about me

1. I was born in north London but when i was five moved

 2.I love art and sewing

3. I have a slight obsession with nail art

4. I love watching make up and fashion videos on you tube

5. (so random) i have no arch on my foot

6. I can do most accents

7. I cant use really nice paper i just look at it

8.i write with my right hand but do everything else with my left

9. i am a terrible speller

10. i love Dr martens

11.I HATE math

Georgia bees questions

1.What do you most like about blogging ?

When you go on to your blog and someone has written a message or contacted you
it's such a great feeling.

2. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Only get dressed properly when i feel bothered style ?

3.Whats your favourite lipstick ever?

4. Do you have any odd phobias?

Yes for a fact i hate people chewing and touching my toes

5.What is your favourite perfume?
 I dont really wear perfume but i like
Jo Malone

6. Who is you favourite beauty blogger ?
Has to be Rhiannon's   Fashion Rocks My Socks

7. Iphone or blackberry

8.Topshop or Primark ?
That's so easy defiantly Topshop

9.Cheese and onion or salt and vinegar?
Salt and vinegar

10.What would you wish for if you had three wishes? (And you can't wish for
more wishes!)

- To be rich
- To have complete access to Topshop and urban outfitters be able to have whatever
i want from them shops
- To live like nicki minaj for the day

11. What do you want out out of your blog ?
A place where people can go and love.
I would love people to aspire to my blog.

My eleven made up questions

1.London or New york ?
2.What really annoys you ?
3.What is your favourite colour ?
4. Have you any serect talents ?
5. What was your favourite subject at school ?
6. What item of clothing do you love wearing ?
7.What does fashion mean to you ?
8.How would you define your city's fashion ?
9.What are some of your favourite clothing stores/catalogues/websites ?
10.Where do you get your inspiration for your blog ?
11.Where can readers find out more about you and your




  1. Thanks for the nomination poppet!!
    Marie x

  2. I love your wish, I would be happy forever if I had total access to Topshop!
    Nice Post :)

  3. Thanks for nominating me...
    it was so much fun reading and knowing about you...
    will do the post soon and let you know *.*

  4. Thank you for nominating me! I'll do the post and tell you! :)

    Danie B

  5. thanks so much for the nomination. Really Appreciate it


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