9 June 2012

John Frieda Full repair

Before i review this product i would like to make clear that i will
review it honestly and will not be bias.

I was very lucky to receive my first free item to review.
I was given a list of John Frieda products to review and this
is the one i picked purely because i have long hair and  my ends can
look very dry and uncared for.

When i received this item this morning i was lucky
enough to have just had a shower because you need wet hair to
use it so i could apply straight away.

The purpose of this product is to protect you hair
when using heat or just to make the ends of your hair
feel more nurtured for. Before i applied it i was expecting a foul smell
because alot of the hair products you get smell disgusting
but this had like an coconut smell which i was very happy about.
The actual product was not a foam which i was pleased about
but in fact a water like substance.
The instructions told you that you had to rub it in your
hands then apply whilst i was doing this
it felt really Oily and i was afraid my hair would be
greasy but it wasn't.

After my hair was fully dry the smell of the product went out of my
hair which i was a bit disappointed about because i really liked the smell of it.
I was a bit worried that it wouldn't work but has made my ends alot
softer and nicer to touch.
My hair will defiantly be needing more of this
to keep the nourished look.
I would defiantly go for it again alongside a root awakening product to get the full effect




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