27 May 2012

Study Accessories

I find this the perfect excuse to get out of studying
I will quite literally do anything to get out of doing it.
So I'm going to do a post on the things you will
need when studying and this is how not to study

First on my list is probably a mac book pro I've been wanting one
for a while but cant convince my mum.

A really nice note pad to write down all your notes
and of course you need a pen to write them notes as well.

A5 stitch & sew stitched notebook

retractable gel pens - pack of 5

Some Post its to learn your work by note forum
and maybe to have a cheeky game of Guess who?

That's all i think i would need anyway
good luck to everyone doing their exams and
I hope everyone gets the grades they deserve.
I better stop blogging and start working
because at this rate I'll be getting D 's all around!

Prices and Shops

Laptop- £999.00 for 13"


Pens- £4.00


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