12 May 2012

Nail Polish (Rimmel London)

So Nail art is all in this year so I'm doing a review of Rimmel London's nail polish.
I painted my nails with 402 urban purple and 500 disco ball
I bought them in Superdrug because there to me the only nail polish i can trust.
They both have quite a big brush so you only have to brush over once and it covers
the whole nail.I didn't have to add any more coats after the first application.
I decided to put the glittery coat over it because it instantly gives the nail
a whole new look (who doesn't love sparkly)
They last for a long time, anytime i have applied this nail polish it didn't come off i had to take it off!
There's loads off other cool colours and they even have Union jack nail wrap which
you can only buy on Asos.

Prices and shops

Union jack nail wraps-www.asos.com £6.99
500 disco ball nail polish-www.superdrug.co.uk £3.69
402 urban purple-ww.superdrug.co.uk £3.69

0thers suppliers

top tips when using nail polish

1.If you run your fingers under cold water they
will set quicker

2.put an under coat of clear nail polish so your
nails won't stain

3.don't try to put another coat on when your
nails are wet.

4. if you don't have nail polish remover use hair spray or
put a fresh coat of nail polish on and rub off quickly


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