12 May 2012

My outfit today

Today i am wearing an urban outfitters dress that is black with flowers on it.Its a really comfy
material so you can look fashionable with out the dress hurting or feeling uncomfortable
I'm also wearing a black blazer to smarten it up and to keep me warm
because the dress was quite exposing(as you can see in the pictures) at the top.
The only thing i would say if your thinking of buying the dress you might want a strapless bra
because when i tried it on with a strapped bra you could see the corner of the bra and
all the straps but apart from that its a really stylish dress and most importantly comfortable.
The black blazer is from Topshop its quite a fitted blazer so if you think its too
Tight don't worry its probably just the way the jacket is made.

Prices and shops of purchase

Blazer-www.topshop.co.uk £40.00


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