13 May 2012

My outfit today (2)

Today i m wearing  a more casual look.I m wearing an Urban Outfitters blouse. It's quite a delicate material and can be easily ripped so you have to be really careful.Its a creamy coloured blouse with  black dots you can wear it with a black vest top or nothing (I'm wearing no vest top) My trousers are from Topshop if you've ever purchased trousers from Topshop they don't really have a jean feel to them.They sort of feel like a jegging but aren't.There a winy red colour
and go well with black.
My shoes are from River Island they aren't the most supportive shoe but i couldn't walk past them when i was in river island.They are really summery and have flowers and a leather rim and lace.
The only negative i would have and its quite annoying is that the laces always
come loose and you always have to retie them.

Prices and Shops

Blouse-www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk  £45.00
Trousers-www.topshop.co.uk £40.00
Shoes-www.riverisland.co.uk  £20.00

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