13 May 2012

Jack Wills Gilets

OMG after weeks of trying to find this gilet I finally found it.I was going shopping and wasn't actually looking for one but I went into Jack Wills because I had been told It was a lovely shop and to my delight I saw the gilet.Everyone was wearing one and know I finally owned one as well! The next day
I had to wear it and as soon as i put it on i knew i'd never want to take it off.To start with the
inside is a red tartin and its so soft.The zips are made from real leather and to make the gilet puffy they use birds feathers.The hood can be taken off  but  I personally think the hood makes it.It has a  fur trim on it.When I bought the gilet there was 30 pound off so I was
lucky.Im not sure if the deal is still on but you can find out.
The bags were also really nice they had a navy and pink strip but were huge.
I don't really have any disavantages but maybe more colours could be brought in!


 I paid £69.00
Orignal price £98.00


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