19 May 2012

Have you been on holidays? no its dove

Starting from left 5),6),3),4)

This post is about how you can get a natural fake tan without even going on holiday.
So the first picture shows all the products i used.
The fake tan i used was Dove summer glow.
Scrub- St Ives gentle scrub
Moisturiser- Doublebase
Conditioner- Alberto Balsam (any conditioner will do)
Bic shaver

I find this the best way to put on fake tan when i first wanted to put it on i looked
it up in the Internet but there really wasn't anything there i didn't already know.
These are the stages i did to create the perfect glow.

1. First I had a bath and put the scrub all over my legs to get rid of dead skin.

2.I then put conditioner on my legs to make them soft and to help the blade run smoothly

3. Once i got out of the bath and was dry i put double base on so i wouldn't get irritated skin.

4. As soon as the double base has been rubbed in completely you can start putting on the dove
i put on 2 layers and you need to rub it in really well.

5. Wait for it to dry could take at least 24 hours for it to fully come out
(It does stink so watch out)

I will put pictures up of the before and after pictures later on

Most of the things you can get in superdrug or boots

If you are on a budget you can use
salt to get rid of dead skin.

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