22 May 2012

Fake tattoos the trend ? (company magazine article)

I love , love company magazine i only really took interest in it when its new
look came out in January. One of the reasons why i bought it was because of the size,
paper and the layout. This month Jessie j was on the front cover
which i was very excited about. An article that i enjoyed was the one about the fake tattoos.
WE have all had that embarrassing time in our life when we all thought we were hip
with our dragon fake tattoos but they are actually all back in.
The tattoos that are back in aren't the dolphins, tigers etc
they have been made more professional looking
there is even a website called ink wear.They basically sell celebrity,custom or different patterns of
You can even get a custom QR code and you can make your own message and your friends
can scan your message using QR.
I really like the idea of fake tattoos because you don't have to have them forever and there not
expensive and you can change them and when you get fed up with them
you just have to wash them off!

So its thumbs up for me!

*you can also get nail tattoos

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  1. I also sell temporary tattoos on my etsy, some really awesome custom, boho ones! Check them out if you would be interested: http://etsy.com/shop/joellesemporium


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