16 May 2012

Dry skin can be cured

I love it that much that its nearly all gone

I always get dry skin especially on my hands they don't only feel bad but also look really bad as well. I starting going on a search to find the cream that would solve my problem so I went to chemists and shops trying to find this miracle cream that would make my hands feel loved. The cream I bought was E45, I was nearly sure it would work but it only helped a bit and my hands were still feeling abused so one day my mum came home with this cream called Doublebase.As usual i usually judge
it on the way it looks and smells and it didn't have any of these qualities in its favour but my hands were getting on my nerves and wanted something that would work, so that night i done my daily moisturising on my hands.I woke up the next morning to my amazement with soft skin it defiantly done what it said it would do. I now cant go anywhere without it, it defiantly is an on going process.
If you miss a few nights of application your hands will return to the dry skin you had
before.The cream is quite expensive at £10.73 for the big bottle (amazon prices) and small tube for £6.24. Personally i think its worth it!So next time i better not judge a beauty product on looks or smell.oops

Online shops that sell

All local chemists will sell it as well
(no prescription needed)



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  2. oofda, wow! i've never heard of this stuff. my little sister suffers from very dry/acne prone skin (she just hit puberty. her skin is crazy hormonal, ha ha!) i might have to buy this stuff for her!
    take care :)


  3. Yes it's reallly good because both off you were the first to comment i will follow both of you thanks
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