21 May 2012

Dr martens. Im in love

Dr Martens  have been about for like forever, for a while though they went out of fashion but they are all back in. They are the type of boot that you either love them or hate them (a bit like marmite)
But for me they are a definite love.I don't actually own any yet but
when i go on holidays to London this year i will defiantly be purchasing some.
After looking at the website i cant choose what type/pattern i want so
here are the Dr martens i cant decide on.
Most of the shoes are ninety quid but my friend is obsessed with them
and she said they last forever so definitely worth the money!
 ( I think anyway)

 Dr Martens 1461 Pw Shoe

Dr Martens 1461 Pw Shoe

Dr Martens 1461 Shoe


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