19 May 2012

Best of British

Oasis London Landmarks range
Aspinal of London

Same as above
Jubilee Badge Pack



I had to do a blog post on this.Every magazine I  read or open now that's all I see, things that you can buy that are associated with Great Britain and the Jubilee. Every shop is
selling and making products with the queens face or the union jack.
Some of these things I've put up i found in either a
magazine or the Internet.I must amit I don't like everything that's out there for the
jubilee/Olympics but some of the things that has been created is amazing.
I'll start with  the clothes lines the one i cant wait to come out is the Oasis
"London Landmarks"line is so fashionable and comes in dresses,skirts and tops
the patterns are London land marks and a stamp print.
Next also have a Jubilee line as well designed by British
designers.Clutch bags are getting British as well, this one has the silloate of the Queen in three different colours 
and a statement crown for the opening of the clutch.
The jewellery I found was  a gold crown necklace
its very stylish and has been seen on Dionne Bromfield.
I also found silk scarves one from Hobbs with a street party picture on it.
The other one is a old picture of the Queen.
A few other things i found:

A topshop bunting necklace from freedom

A brooch of the queen

Some cool badges from topshop



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